gardens_and_villa_2014-1 - Jesse Lindhorst.jpg

Jesse Lindhorst

Medium: Screen Printing

I’m a dedicated designer, observant illustrator, and professional optimist. I reside in the cozy confines of Minneapolis where I take my clients’ vision and create a visual voice and identity.

During typical 9-5 hours, I can be found in Northeast at Friend & Fort where I work as a Design Director with a focus on branding, digital, print, packaging and illustration. I also volunteer my time for the cycling non-profit 30 Days of Biking.

It’s important to me that my art advocates for the common good. When I’m not in the office, I’m screen printing at North Star Printmakers Studio, taking photos around town, or making artwork for myself and my community.

Slowing down is my motto. Biking faster is my aspiration. Stopping for coffee is my ideal.

FLO 1 - Finnegan Roy-Nyline.jpg

Finnegan Roy-Nyline

Mediums: Screen Printing, Intaglio, Lithography, and Drawing.

the warren - Benjamin Davis Brockman.jpg

Benjamin Davis Brockman

Mediums: Screen, Relief, Intaglio

"I'm saying I'm an insect, who dreamt he was a man....and loved it. But now that dream is over...." - Seth Brundle, Cronenberg's 'The Fly.'

IMG_0762 - B. Hsiao.jpg

Betsy Hsiao

Medium: Block printing and watercolor

stackofbetterturtles - Henry Montplaisir.jpg

Henry Montplaisir

Medium: Drawing, Painting, Screen Printing

I think of my pictures as traps for my ideas. And people are like animals and animals are like people... sometimes.

Dreamland_poster_frame - Timothy Cronin.png

Tim Cronin & Jeff Hnilicka / Husbands

Medium: Screen Printing

Husbands is a screen printing and design studio devoted to advancing arts, social justice, and community organizing through printed matter.

Martes+15+x+22+Kevin+Olson - kevin olson.JPG

Kevin Olson

Medium: Silk Screen

"Night Garden" is a series of five silk-screened prints on Somerset 100% cotton archival paper from England. Each image contains five layers of silk-screen ink and the edition is twenty-five with three artist proofs. Each print is named for the five days of the week in Spanish.

“Night Garden” was recently exhibited at the New York Fine Print Fair at the NYC Armory (IFPDA), and will be shown again in the Fall.


Monica Helland

Medium: Screen Printing, Design, & Textiles

AnomiaMKW - Maura Williams.JPG

Maura K. Williams/MKW Designs

Medium: Screen Printing

665690FD-628A-43F5-94AD-74AB2FBBD1A8 - Fawzia Khan.jpeg

Fawzia Khan

Medium: Screen printing, textiles, sculpture

zimiga_ashley_15 - Ashley Zimiga.jpg

Ashley Zimiga

Medium: Screen Printing

Screen printing gives me the opportunity to explore a more hands on experience that I don't get working behind the computer as a graphic designer. I think that these two forms of art work well together as I utilize my design skills in the imagery that is produced. I enjoy creating designs that work with composition and the medium together almost like puzzle pieces trying to achieve the perfect sense of balance.